Eat Good, Drink Good, Live Good

If you like the recipes here and want more, much more, you can buy the book!!

Eat Good, Drink Good, Live Good is both a cookbook and an entertaining guide. I have spend decades cooking for myself and others, mostly in tiny or average kitchens on a tight budget without many fancy tools. What began as a way to have something good to eat for dinner eventually evolved into a small private catering business and private kitchen.

I have taken that experience and my decades of cooking and refined it down into a book for the average home cook. I also decided to write something which addresses the biggest issues facing home cooks:

  • Menu planning WITH a timeline for getting everything cooked on time and to the table at the right temperature;
  • Cooking holiday meals and for big parties in your average kitchen with your basic stove;
  • Cooking for guests with special diets (e.g., vegan, gluten-free), with religious considerations for food (e.g., Halal, Kosher) and picky eaters (children);
  • Creating a beautiful table when you have next to no budget for decor;
  • Cooking tasty and beautiful dishes with minimal equipment.

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