Napa Cabbage Soup

Cabbage soup may not sound overly appealing; something which might be dull, or bitter or unpleasant. This soup is delightful with bright flavors. It is surprisingly good.


1 head Napa cabbage

1 onion, white or yellow work well

2 carrots

2  stalks celery

2″ knob fresh ginger, peeled

2 cloves garlic

5 cups vegetable stock (you can substitute chicken stock if you are not vegetarian)

3-4 T soy sauce

2 T mirin

2 T light brown sugar

2 bags Nasoya Shitaki noodles (You can substitute Udon on buckwheat noodles. You must boil these separately and drain before adding.)

2 T roasted sesame seeds

1/4 c chopped scallions, diced


Dice the onion. Slice the carrot into thin rounds. Dice the celery. Peel the garlic. Shred the cabbage.

In a Dutch oven, heat 2 tablespoons of a neutral oil such as canola or vegetable. When hot, add the onions and saute until translucent. Add the carrots and celery and saute for another 4 to 5 minutes until hot. Add the garlic and saute for another minute.

Add the stock. Grate in the ginger. Add the shredded cabbage. Simmer for about 20 minutes, until the cabbage is softened but not to the point its breaking down. Add the soy sauce, mirin, and brown sugar. Taste and adjust for flavor if necessary. Add the noodles and simmer for another 5 minutes.

To serve, spoon into a bowl and top with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and diced scallions.

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