Strawberry-Tequila Smash

This is a perfect drink for any warm day! It isn’t overly sweet and the tequila takes a more central role in the drink than it does in a margarita. I prefer a higher quality reposada tequila for this, but you can use any tequila you prefer.



6-8 ripe strawberries

1.5 oz Triple Sec

1 oz simple syrup

3 oz tequila

Juice of 1 -2 limes

Soda Water (Seltzer)


Hull the strawberries and slice them in half. Add the strawberries, simple syrup and juice of one line to a glass. Muddle the strawberries. Add the tequila and triple sec along with crushed ice. Top with seltzer and stir with a long spoon. Taste and add lime juice if necessary. Garnish with a strawberry.


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